Tax Commissioners Office 

103 North Broad Street 

Abbeville GA 31001 

Honorable Brittany McFall 

Tax Commissioner 

(229) 467-2025 

Room 207 

Pearlie Cooper 

Tag Tax Clerk 

(229) 467-2025 

Room 206 

Katie Caruso 

Tag Tax Clerk 

(229) 467-2025 

Room 205

The Tax Commissioners provides the following services for Wilcox County Residents:

The Tax Commissioner is an elected Constitutional Officer responsible for every phase of collecting property taxes, from preparation of the digest, billing, accounting and disbursements.

Property taxes include those assessed on real estate, public utilities and ad valorem taxes on motor vehicles and mobile homes. These collections are disbursed to state, county, school and city governing authorities.

As a tag agent for the State of Georgia, the Tax Commissioner is also responsible for the collection of all taxes, fees, and penalties for motor vehicles applicable under the Georgia Code. The Tax Commissioner enforces all regulations mandated by the state.

A large percentage of the revenue realized by the Wilcox County Board of Commissioners and Board of Education is generated from ad valorem taxes collected by the Tax Commissioner. The financial stability of these institutions largely depends upon the efficient operation of the Tax Commissioner’s office.