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An accounts payable clerk’s responsibility is to manage a company’s accounts payable. Payroll costs, invoices from suppliers, other operating costs, and supplier payments may all be included in the accounts payable. The invoices and expenses of a company are reconciled and processed through the AP clerk records. After verifying and balancing the invoices, the AP clerk oversees the payment processes and transactions and completes the payments. Meeting the payment deadlines for accounts payable, payroll, interest payments, and other significant costs of the business is one of an AP clerk’s main responsibilities. The AP clerk is responsible for making sure the business meets its financial obligations, both internal and external, on time.

The duties performed by the AP Clerk include:

  • Maintaining the accounting records for the payable department accurately
  • Keeping track of all payments and expenses including vendor invoices, payroll expenses, purchase orders, and operating expenses of a business
  • Receive, review, verify, and process vendor invoices
  • Maintaining the vendor accounts for timely payments and compliance with internal controls
  • Reconciliation of payments through verification, rechecking, auditing, and other tools to maintain accurate financial records
  • Communication with suppliers, vendors, and creditors about their payment schedules, outstanding credit balances, and other requirements
  • Providing essential support to the senior management by providing accurate financial data