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This website is designed to be your gateway to information and resources to residents, business owners, employees, and visitors to Wilcox County, Georgia. County officials and employees take pride in serving the people who call Wilcox County home, build businesses, or come for a visit. The services provided by our employees cover social needs, business development, employee training, recreational opportunities, public safety, courts, roads, and bridges. 

Whether you are a lifelong resident, a first-time visitor, or an entrepreneur; welcome to Wilcox County. We hope our website helps you make the best of your time here. Wilcox County Board of Commissioners meetings are open to the public and we encourage citizen participation. 


The Board of County Commissioners is the policymaking and legislative body of Wilcox County. The commissioners hold title to all property owned by Wilcox County and oversee upkeep of all facilities and grounds. The Board must annually approve Wilcox County’s general fund and all-fund budgets, and is the county government’s taxing, appropriating, and purchasing authority. There is, by law, a limitation to the Commissioner’s authority in some matters involving other elected officials ‘offices, as powers are separated in county government. There is no chief executive officer; rather each of our ten elected officials possesses some executive authority. The Board appoints a county manager, county attorney, and department heads of offices for which they have responsibility. The Board also appoints members to a variety of other boards and commissions. 

In a county commission form of government, a group of elected commissioners preforms duties, which means they enact and carry out local ordinances and policies. A county commissioner is establishing high-level objectives and long-term outcomes for county government. Wilcox County consists of five counties commissioners including a chairman and vice-chairman which are voted on each year in January. 

Individual commissioners have no power to act independently. The Board of County Commissioners, acting as a body by a majority or unanimous vote, must take all formal and official actions. It is the non-statutory duties of county commissioners that make them different from other county elected officials. B y necessity, county commissioners must take a broad view of actions necessary to make the county a better place to live and work. County commissioners must be astute and have good business sense. Perhaps the most important attribute of a county commissioner is the ability to lead, to listen to the needs of the citizens and other elected officials, to compromise, and to develop consensus on priority issues to improve the county. 

The Wilcox County Board of Commissioners meets on the first Tuesday of each month for regular meetings. All work sessions at board meetings are called and posted as needed. Agendas of all meetings are made available through the county clerk’s office. 

County Commissioners 

Chairman Mel Powell 

County Commissioner 

District 003 

Phone: (229) 467-2737 

Vice Chairman Jowan Johnson 

County Commissioner 

District 001 

Phone: (229) 467-2737 

Alfonza Hall 

County Commissioner 

District 002 

Phone: (229) 467-2737 

Jamie Handley 

County Commissioner 

District 005 

Phone: (229) 467-2737 

Clay Reid 

County Commissioner 

District 004 

Phone: (229) 467-2737 

Regular Meetings 

First Tuesday of Every Month 

Wilcox County Courthouse 

Commissioners Meeting Room 

Second Floor, Room 203 

6:30 p.m. 

Public Participation (Various Boards) 

Public involvement is fundamental to good government, and service through Wilcox County’s volunteer boards and commissions is an effective way for citizens to provide valuable input and make a positive impact to our community. The Board of County Commissioners appoints for various boards on which citizens serve that cover a wide variety of issues. 

Open positions are accepted annually, typically each first of the year, with evaluations prior to the term ending on those boards. Some boards and commissions require certain knowledge or experience.

Commissioners Office 

103 North Broad Street 

Abbeville GA 31001 

Michael Pomirko 

County Manager mpomirko@wilcoxcountygeorgia.com 

(229) 467-2737 

Room 204 

Toni Sawyer 

County Attorney sawyerlaw@windstream.net