Mark Wilcox 

Wilcox County Recreation Director 

473 American Legion Road. 

Rochelle, GA. 31079

O: (229)313-0412

Dear Coaches, Parents and Guardians:

We are glad you have chosen to allow your child to participate in youth sports sponsored by Wilcox County Recreation. We are committed to giving your child a positive experience in sports. A kid’s sports experience is influenced by the parents and coaches, and how they react and deal with their kid during the season. WCRD’s motto is “Letting Kids Play.” A book titled Sports Parent identifies six basic reasons why kids play sports:

  • Have fun
  • Improve skills and learn new ones
  • Be with friends and make new ones
  • The excitement of competition
  • Succeed or win
  • Exercise or become fit

This same book also revealed research that identified a variety of reasons why kids quit sports. These include lack of playing time, lack of success, lack of fun, competitive stress, too much criticism, lack of interest, and/or discovered other activities.

We hope you will find information in this helps you communicate, react and deal with your child or those of others. Additionally, you will find information that will enable you to gain a better understanding of how the Wilcox County Recreation Department organizes and supervises its programs.

WCRD reserves the right to make any changes that deems necessary at any time.

As a child’s coach and/or as a parent/guardian you have an obligation to follow the guidelines you find here; we have this same obligation. Together we all need to strive to meet this obligation to the best of our abilities. Wilcox County Recreation Department believes the outcome of the child is far more important than the outcome of a game.

If you have any questions or suggestions throughout your child’s sports experience, please contact us.