Michael Pomirko 

County Manager mpomirko@wilcoxcountygeorgia.com 

(229) 467-2737 

Room 204 

The County Manager is appointed by the Board of Commissioners to implement Board decisions and carries out policies established by the Board of Commissioners while managing multiple administrative departments. In addition, the office provides guidance to county departments regarding their day to day operations and works to develop short and long range plans that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of county government. 

The County Manager is responsible for preparing the county budget, providing the Board of Commissioners with the information they need for making decisions, representing the county in intergovernmental relationships and coordinating the work of all county departments, ensuring they provide timely, accurate and coordinated information to the public. The County Manager and administrative staff also helps coordinate planning for County facilities, administers insurance, workers compensation, safety, and other matters relating to risk management and responds to citizens’ concerns. 

Among other duties include the following: 

· Provide administrative leadership to the departments of the county government. 

· Strive for efficiency, effectiveness and innovation in the delivery and funding of services. 

· Develop and present an annual budget 

· Handle day to day operations. 

· Prepares and oversees the county budget.